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Isaac let me know early on that he didn’t want to be limited by his logo.

Any overt references to specific musical instruments could do just that. The challenge was to create a logo that could adapt to the variety of facets of his profession. I achieved this with a geometric icon and clean, legible type.

The icon for the logo is a hidden reference to percussion. To the lay observer, the icon is a simple rectangle, but the shape is actually inspired by the percussion clef used when notating music.


Business card rendering


Business card photgraph

Proof-of-concept computer render of business cards (first). Final photograph of printed cards (second). Miniature crates by SkyBurkson.

I'm really pleased that I was able to carry the concept for the business cards from concept in the render, to being fully realized in the photograph.

The miniature milk crate as a business card holder was the idea that tied the concept together the most. This allowed us to go with a non-conventional business card size, which then informed the design of the cards.

inspiration slideshow

Business cards inspired by Blue Note style album covers.

As a jazz musician, Isaac Schwartz listens to a lot of music.

This was the conception of the idea to implement his logo in the style of classic Blue Note jazz album covers as his business cards.

Since Isaac's a multi-faceted professional musician, having a logo that changes depending on which hat he's wearing is important. We carried this idea of a variable identity from the logo to the business cards.

business card design on black bg business card design on yellow bg
business card design on orange bg business card design on blue bg business card design on red bg